Welcome to Jasound Inc

Location sound mixing and recording for TV, Film, Commercial, Corporate

About Us

Meet the heart of Jasound


Jasound INC is owned and operated by Jason Kuppig, a seasoned professional with over 20 years experience mixing and recording sound for picture. He began his career in Los Angeles and later moved his base of operation to New York, all the while traveling near and far capturing  sound on stages and studios as well as jungles, oceans and deserts (and everywhere in between)

Documentary, Reality, Hidden Camera, Competition, Commercials, Cooking, Corporate, Scripted,  Game shows, Entertainment News, Sports, Music, Live Broadcast- there's not much Jasound hasn't been a part of! 

Tools of the Trade


Dependable high quality equipment is a must for a successful production. Jasound INC only uses top shelf gear. Sound Devices recorders. DPA, Schoeps, Sennheiser, and Sanken microphones. Custom made carts and cables. The right tools in the right hands means you will never be "waiting on sound"